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TJ Savereno

Forestry & Wildlife Agent: Lee, Marlboro, Darlington, Florence, Clarendon
Wildlife/Natural Resources
Forestry and Wildlife Resources Program Team, Chesterfield County Cooperative Extension Office, Clarendon County Cooperative Extension Office, Darlington County Cooperative Extension Office, Dillon County Cooperative Extension Office, Florence County Cooperative Extension Office, Lee County Cooperative Extension Office, Marion County Cooperative Extension Office, Marlboro County Cooperative Extension Office, Sumter County Cooperative Extension Office

Office: Lee County Cooperative Extension Office
Phone: 843-230-3109



Educational Background

M.S. Wildlife Biology
Clemson University 1990

B.S. Biology
Fairmont State University 1983


I am a Senior Extension Agent with Clemson Cooperative Extension, specializing in forestry and wildlife resources research and public education. I have worked for Clemson University since 2003 and am currently stationed at the Lee County Extension Office in Bishopville. My professional interests are in helping landowners integrate agriculture and forestry operations with wildlife and natural resource management. I also have a strong interest in helping those who have an interest in restoring our native ecosystems and keeping prescribed fire a viable land management practice.

Research Interests

Although I received my M.S. from Clemson University in Wildlife Biology, much of my undergraduate studies focused on plants and plant ecology. I have been able to merge these areas into a program that includes, but is not restricted to, restoration and management of the longleaf pine ecosystem, groundcover management in forest ecosystems, native vegetation management, the importance of early successional habitat for wildlife, creating wildlife habitat in urban and suburban landscapes, invasive plant species control, promotion of the use of prescribed fire as a habitat management tool, and integrating wildlife management with forestry and agricultural systems. I am frequently asked to speak on these topics and work with my fellow agents on the FNR Extension Team to conduct programs on related topics. I am also collaborating on research and demonstration projects with USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service on establishing habitat for native pollinators, and USDA Forest Service on restoration of groundcover species associated with longleaf pine habitat.

Extension and Outreach

I am proud to represent Clemson Extension and the University by assuming leadership positions in numerous professional development organizations and natural resources working groups. These organizations have included the South Carolina Prescribed Fire Council (2015, 2022, 2023 Chair), Board Member of the SC Vegetation Management Association (2013 President), Representative to the Florence County Forestry Board (advisory and advocacy group to SC Forestry Commission), SC Advisory Committee of County Forestry Boards (2024 Chair), Steering Committee Member of the Sewee Longleaf Conservation Cooperative, and the USDA-NRCS State Technical Committee. These organizations variously provide training and continuing education for natural resource professionals, technical assistance to private landowners, advocacy for natural resource conservation, and professional input regarding policy formulation.


SC Vegetation Management Association
SC Prescribed Fire Council
SC Chapter The Wildlife Society
Sewee Longleaf Conservation Cooperative
College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences
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