Meet the Water Resources Program Team

Name Title Email Phone
Katie Altman Water Resources Agent 803-773-5561
Lance Beecher Aquaponics, Aquaculture and Fisheries Specialist 864-650-7114
Tancey Belken Water Resources Agent 843-519-2403
Beatriss Calhoun Water Resources Extension Agent 843-722-5204
John Chastain Professor and Extension Agricultural Engineer 864-656-4089
Rebecca Davis Water Resources Extension Agent 803-245-7114
Dan Hitchcock, Ph.D., P.E. Associate Professor 843-546-1013
Karen Jackson Water Resource Agent 803-722-1194
Charles Jarman Water Resources Engineer 843-412-1222
Kendall Kirk Precision Agriculture Engineer 864-844-3423
Susan Lunt Water Resources Agent 864-898-8324
Charly McConnell Water Resources Agent 803-520-1679
Kim Morganello Water Resources Extension Agent 843-730-5212
Heather Nix Upstate District Water Resource Agent 864-365-0630
Steven O'Shields Water Resources Agent 864-359-3385
Haley Parent Water Resources Extension Agent 603-520-3247
Dara Park Associate Professor 843-319-4957
Jose Payero Assistant Professor 803-284-3343
Derrick Phinney Natural Resources Program Team Leader 843-563-0135
Jeremy Pike Program Manager 864-656-6306
Michael Plumblee Precision Agriculture Extension Specialist 803-284-3343
Debabrata Sahoo, Ph.D., P.E., P.H Associate Professor-Sustainable Water Resources Engineering 864-646-2145
Vidya Samadi, Ph.D. Assistant Professor-Water Resources Engineering
Calvin Sawyer Associate Professor 864-656-4072
Amy E. Scaroni Assistant Professor 843-546-1013
Matt Smith Professor and Director 843-519-0464
Ellen Sturup Comeau Water Resources Extension Agent 843-473-6023
Guinn Wallover Water Resources Extension Agent 843-730-5210
Jack Whetstone Emeritus Professor 843-546-6321
Sarah White Professor and Nursery Extension Specialist 864-656-7433

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