Amy Scaroni

Water Resources Extension Associate
Carolina Clear Program Coordinator
Water Resources Program Team, Charleston County Cooperative Extension Office

Office: 259 Meeting St. 2nd Fl, Charleston SC 29401
Phone: 843-730-5204


 Educational Background

Ph.D. Wildlife and Fisheries
LSU 2011

M.S. Environmental Studies
College of Charleston 2006

B.S. Biology
Penn State 2002


Dr. Amy Scaroni is the program coordinator for Carolina Clear, Clemson Extension's statewide stormwater education program. Carolina Clear program partners with over 38 MS4 communities in South Carolina to provide quality outreach, education, and public involvement opportunities related to stormwater. Our team of nine Water Resources Extension Agents are located in the regions they serve, allowing them to best understand the educational needs of their communities. We strive to protect water resources and encourage pollution prevention by providing quality programs that raise awareness of stormwater issues, and promote actions and behaviors that ultimately protect our water resources.

Carolina Clear works hand-in-hand with environmental educators, colleges and universities, municipalities, counties, stormwater engineers, and local non-profits to provide trainings, workshops, resources, tools, demonstration projects, and events to meet the educational needs of our community partners.


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