School of Education

Teacher of the Year Awards

We are so proud of all our alumni and the wonderful contributions they make as teachers. 

We want to recognize and praise these professional accomplishments, so please e-mail these awards to us:

Check out the winners:

  • School Teachers of the Year

    Teacher School/District Year
    Stacy Hall Riverside Middle School 2015
    Dr. Linda Katz Norcross High School, Norcross, GA 2014
    Heather Bradshaw Hanahan Elementary School 2013
    Jennifer Chittaro West Hall High School, Oakwood, GA 2013
    Rose Fout Manning High School 2013
    Allison Hahn Central Cabarrus High School, Cabarrus, NC 2013
    Hamilton Parks East North Street Academy 2013
    Jessica Payne Powdersville High School 2013
    Jennifer Lea (Yawn) Roberts Summerville High School 2012
    Emalee (Trudeau) Baker Red Cedar Elementary 2012
    Colette Davis Homeland Park Elementary School 2012
    Shanika Smalls Holly Hill-Roberts Middle School 2012
    Lesley Sweat Brantley Dubose Middle School 2012
    Michelle Altman Aynor High School 2011
    Tiffany Blassingame Peyton Forest Elementary School 2011
    Karen Courtney Ambrose Ralph Chandler Middle School 2009
    Eric Lewis North Augusta Middle School 2009
    Carrie Whitlock Buena Vista Elementary School 2009
    Carolyn Ann Brice Liberty High School 2008
    Jean Burden Loris Middle School 2008
    Traci Hedetniemi Edwards Middle School 2008
    Kimberly Johnson Hoy Pendleton High School 2008
    Michael Truitt Busbee Elementary School 2008
    Jeanie Garren Whitten Fort Mill High School 2008
    Annie Cecil Sarah Smith Elementary School 2006
    Melissa Sides Fowler Reidville Elementary School 2006
    Scottie Fowler Christ Church Christian School 2006
    Kathryn Pilcher Dutchtown Middle School 2006
    Sarah Ann Richardson Turpin Clemson Elementary School 2006
    Doug Ameigh Deep Run High School 2005
    Stacie Banister Gray Court-Owings School 2005
    Samuel Bennett Garner Elementary School 2005
    Jennifer Benson Whitehall Elementary School 2005
    Elizabeth Haughton Bird Glenwood Elementary School 2005
    Pat Greenfield Brock Britt Coastal Evaluation Center 2005
    Kim Buchanan Greenbrier High School 2005
    Ann Debor Cecil Sarah Smith Elementary School 2005
    Theresa Cooper Central Elementary School 2005
    Jennifer Cooper Starr Elementary School 2005
    Kim Fanning Berea High School 2005
    Catherine Freeman JL Mann High School 2005
    Dale Drake Ginn Homeland Park Elementary School 2005
    Barbara Owens Goggans Waccamaw High School 2005
    Susan Peden Grey Oakview Elementary School 2005
    Dorothy (Dot) Brown Hardin White Knoll Middle School 2005
    Brandon Koon Palmetto Elementary School 2005
    Nicki O'Sheal Crosswell Elementary School 2005
    Kay Reinhold Clemson Elementary School 2005
    Crystal Stephens J.D. Lever Elementary School 2005
    Rebekah Wardlaw Nevitt Forest Elementary School 2005
    Carol Ashworth Northland Christian School 2004
    Melinda Boggs Seneca Middle School 2004
    Shelley Brown Landrum Jr. High School 2004
    Elizabeth Byron Mauldin Elementary School 2004
    Alicia Clinger Easley High School 2004
    Yvonne Cockerill Taylors Elementary School 2004
    Beth Croft Belton Elementary School 2004
    Debbie Crumpler Eaton Elementary School 2004
    Mary Anne Fabian Liberty Elementary School 2004
    Emily Figart McCants Middle School 2004
    Rhea Galati Habersham Central High School 2004
    Cassandra S. Hall Lugoff Middle School 2004
    Tracey Herring Cannons Elementary School 2004
    Kelly Kennedy Alston Middle School 2004
    Monica Masters Liberty Elementary School 2004
    Dewana Nealy Great Falls Middle School 2004
    Deanna Pennington Code Elementary School 2004
    Vicki Percic Marrington Middle School 2004
    Angela Coffman Ringley Pinewood Preparatory School 2004
    Lottye Seawright Nevitt Forest Elementary School 2004
    Katherine Sinclair Chandler Creek Elementary School 2004
    Brenda Smith Mauldin Elementary School 2004
    Shannon Alexa Snider Siler Blythe Academy School of Languages 2004
    Jean Anderson Thomas Stone Academy 2004
    Jackie Cordell White Powdersville Middle School 2004
    Kathie Williams Menchville High School 2004
    Alan Wind Chattahoochee High School 2004
    Michael Allen Summerville High School 2003
    Mary Anderson Summerville High School 2003
    Wendy Ashley-Bobo Belton High School 2003
    Chad Blackston McKissick Elementary School 2003
    Caroline Maner Cartin Evoline C. West Elementary School 2003
    Lynda Coleman Pickens High School 2003
    Suzanna Foley Alice Drive Elementary School 2003
    Tonya Foster Broome High School 2003
    Amy Goodwin Dorman High School 2003
    Leslie Gourdin Newton Elementary School 2003
    Brooklyn Greene Greenwood High School 2003
    Lynn Campbell Grice Wright Middle School 2003
    Rick Griffin Daniel Morgan Technology Center 2003
    Ann Hancock West End Elementary School 2003
    Caroline Hott Powhatan Elementary School 2003
    Beth Justesen Lakeview Elementary School 2003
    Norma Kensinger New Jersey Middle School 2003
    Susan Lawson Whitmire Elementary School 2003
    Anselle Marisco Richmond Drive Elementary School 2003
    Deborah L. Miller Sherman Avenue Elementary School 2003
    Julia Robbins Pesavento Lake Forest Elementary School 2003
    Hillary Potter E.P. Todd Elementary School 2003
    Ann Todd Rash D.W. Daniel High School 2003
    Jill Rogers Brockington Elementary School 2003
    Kay Thompson Hillcrest Middle School 2003
    Jewel Timmons Royall Elementary School 2003
    Erica Walters East Lake Elementary School 2003
    Kerri Weirich Lee County Elementary School 2003
    Andrew Youngblood Landrum High School 2003
    Merri Alred Lake Highlands Area Elementary School 2002
    Lisa Cuthbert DuBose Middle School 2002
    Susan Dombrowski Lincoln Heights Elementary School 2002
    Myra Massey Elvington Latta High School 2002
    Angela Gaines Pelzer Elementary School 2002
    Celeste Bowers Harris Mayo High School 2002
    Karen Jameson Liberty Middle School 2002
    Allyson Dixon McCall Westminster Elementary School 2002
    Suzanne McCormick Marrington Middle School 2002
    Lee Ann Parker Code Elementary School 2002
    Kerri Senger Varennes Elementary School 2002
    Kim Shuey Palmetto High School 2002
    Tammy Smith Leslie Elementary School 2002
    Jennifer Young Wagner Monaview Elementary School 2002
    Lynn Wilson Seneca High School 2002
    Jennifer Benson Riverside Middle School 2001
    Jane Brannon Simpsonville Elementary School 2001
    Christie Campbell Palmetto Elementary School 2001
    Reagan Ann Shirley Cox Ware Shoals Jr./Sr. High School 2001
    Chet Reed Horton Applied Technology Education Campus 2001
    Christy Hughes Smoaks Middle School 2001
    Jean Hughes Heritage Elementary School 2001
    Ruth Michelle King Blue Ridge Middle School 2001
    Missy Lark Distinguished Reading 2001
    Pam Lorentz Fulmer Middle School 2001
    Rory J. McTigue Southwood Middle School 2001
    Rebecca Messina Oakbrook Middle School 2001
    Brian G. Owens Westside High School 2001
    Suzanne Phillips Walhalla Elementary School 2001
    Beth Radford Pendleton Elementary School 2001
    Madeline Rayford Greenbrier High School 2001
    Amy Schwan David W. Butler High School 2001
    Kathryn Sims Blue Ridge Elementary School 2001
    Joni Spearman Centerville Elementary School 2001
    Christopher D. White Seneca High School 2001
    Melissa Zeitz Northwood Middle School 2001
    Vereen Barron Brown Fort Mill Elementary School 2000
    Teressa Carrillo Greer High School 2000
    John Benjamin (Ben) Coates Jonesville High School 2000
    Joyce Palmer Dillard L.E. Gable Middle School 2000
    Patricia Edwards Lake Murray Elementary School 2000
    David Hendricks Lakeside Middle School 2000
    Margaret Heustess Brunson-Dargan Elementary School 2000
    Emily Land Seneca High School 2000
    Lynn Canupp Lyles Westminster Middle School 2000
    Gwendolyn McPhail Walhalla Middle School 2000
    Carolyn Ritchie North Augusta Elementary School 2000
    Dawn Roberts Sandhills Middle School 2000
    Dayan Shannon Memorial Middle School 2000
    Wilma Bonham Shealy Easley Elementary School 2000
    Melissa Brooks Terry Clemson Elementary School 2000
    Barbara Seawright Wagher Wren Elementary School 2000
    Valerie Waites Gilbert High School 2000
    Joy Wallace Waller Walhalla Elementary School 2000
    Macon Warren Hephzibah High School 2000
    Michelle Altman Aynor High School 1999
    Sonia Cunningham Laurens District 55 High School 1999
    Sheila Todd Gandy Hartsville High School 1999
    Elizabeth McWilliams Morrison Elementary School 1999
    Elaine Pullen Santa Fe Jr. High School 1999
    Tammy C. Vaughn Starr Elementary School 1999
    Brenda H. Garner Calhoun Street Elementary School 1998
    Amy Goodwin Ninety Six High School 1998
    Kristen Graves McColl Elementary/Middle School 1998
    Debbie Berry Hall Cramerton Middle School 1998
    Celeste Bowers Harris Darlington Jr. High School 1998
    Dawn Mitchell Crosswell Elementary School 1998
    Betty Moon Palmetto Elementary School 1998
    Linda Fleming Ott Swansea High School 1998
    Dorothy Dennis Priddy Osborne High School 1998
    Patty Mayhorn Sparks York Road Elementary School 1998
    Martha Ann Vaughan Hickory Tavern School 1998
    Anthony Ware South Fant Elementary School 1998
    Adrienne Watford Pleasant Hill Elementary School 1998
    Karen West Gettys Middle School 1998
    Elizabeth Bass Tabernacle Elementary School 1997
    Rosemary Bryan Pickens Elementary School 1997
    Helen Ramey Carroll James M. Brown Elementary School 1997
    Deborah Rogers Carroll Lexington Elementary School 1997
    Maggie Elrod Wren High School 1997
    Deborah Huggins Redcliffe Elementary School 1997
    Dewana Nealy North Iredell Middle School 1997
    Holly Bridges Rouse Stone Academy 1997
    Christine Schumpert Code Elementary School 1997
    Diana Sims Mountain View Elementary School 1997
    Melissa Stanton Mossy Oaks Elementary School 1997
    Karen Trammell Seneca High School 1997
    Janice Ward Pickens Middle School 1997
    Jackie Ayers Stono Park Elementary School 1996
    Carolyn Brice Liberty High School 1996
    Marilyn Clardy Gettys Middle School 1996
    Marllyn Duncan Starr Elementary School 1996
    Gail Hurlburt Starr-Iva Middle School 1996
    Ellen Jones Loganville Middle School 1996
    Susan Kelley Keowee Elementary School 1996
    Carrie Ratliff Pendleton High School 1996
    Elizabeth Redmond West Elementary School 1996
    Deborah Sessions Chukker Creek Elementary School 1996
    Kathryn Sims Greendale Elementary School 1996
    Kenneth Taw Valdosta Middle School 1996
    Keisha Fuqua Uhle Haynes Elementary School 1996
    Elizabeth Young Duncan Elementary School 1996
    Lynn Bryson Code Elementary School 1995
    Jennifer Brooks Herden Bells Ferry Elementary School 1995
    Christy Hughes Blackville-Hilda High School 1995
    Julie Hunt Welcome Elementary School 1995
    Jennie Rush Forest Lake Elementary School 1995
    Sharon Scovel Forest Acres Elementary School 1995
    Virginia Senn West-Oak High School 1995
    Myriam Seoane Phillip Randolph Elementary School 1995
    Rebecca Sewell Smith East Hall High School 1995
    Michel Stone Summerville High School 1995
    Mary Whiteside Buddy Taylor Middle School 1995
    Terri Corbett Walhalla Elementary School 1994
    Walter (Pat) Earle McBee Middle School 1994
    Carolyn Harris J.N. Kellett Elementary School 1994
    Kelly Kennedy Summerville High School 1994
    Missy Lark Hollow Springs-Motlow Elementary School 1994
    Barbara Padget Gilbert Elementary School 1994
    Guynelle Staton Homeland Park Elementary School 1994
    Sarah Ann Richardson Turpin Ben Hagood Elementary School 1994
    Elizabeth Young Duncan Elementary School 1994
    Teressa Broome Hopkins Middle School 1993
    Ruby Faye Campbell Howard Chesnee High School 1993
    Elizabeth Cartlidge Concord Elementary School 1993
    Dorothy (Dot) Brown Hardin Edwards Middle School 1993
    Deborah Huggins Code Elementary School 1993
    Al Langston Seneca High School 1993
    David Rogers Lexington Technical Center 1993
    Patty Mayhorn Sparks Belleview Elementary School 1993
    Tracey Whaley Walhalla Middle School 1993
    Deborah L. Miller Warrenton Elementary School 1992
    Debbie Miller Vicksburg-Warren Elementary School 1992
    Elaine Wiegert Carolina High School 1992
    Cynthia Hester Berea Elementary School 1991
    Steve Martin Camden Middle School 1991
    Connie McDowell Liberty Elementary School 1991
    Julia Robbins Pesavento Wade Hampton Elementary School 1991
    John Ratterree Lockhart High School 1991
    Ruthie Brackett Seneca Jr. High School 1990
    Sandra Cassell Walhalla Elementary School 1990
    Ann Burns Edwards Paris Elementary School 1990
    Harriet Smith Pendleton High School 1990
    Betty Thames Watts Northern Nash Senior High School 1990
    Mona Guy Fleming Riverside Middle School 1989
    Jane Freeman Concrete Primary School 1989
    Jean Hughes Ebenezer Elementary School 1989
    Becky Johnson Walhalla High School 1989
    Betty Scott Ross Delmae Elementary School 1989
    Joy Ellenburg West End Elementary School 1988
    Kathy Grant Liberty High School 1988
    Fran Shoolbred Bouknight Columbia High School 1987
    Jan Harrison Donald Elementary School 1987
    Robert Lake Easley Jr. High School 1987
    Susan Lawson Park Street School 1987
    Sylvia Mintz Thomas Southwood Middle School 1987
    Martha Frasier Donald Elementary School 1986
    Susan Hite Polllak Rock Springs Elementary School 1986
    Pam Connor Sloan McCants Middle School 1986
    Eunice C Williams Appling Middle School 1986
    Don Ashworth Lower Richland High School 1985
    Melony Bickley Bosdell Lexington Intermediate School 1985
    Arthur Brisacher Laing Middle School 1985
    Helen Ramey Carroll Westminster Preschool 1985
    Elaine A. Horton Morrison Elementary School 1985
    Deborah Huggins Northside Elementary School 1985
    Gil Huggins West-Oak High School 1985
    Gwendolyn McPhail Oakway Middle School 1985
    Joyce Ann Query Wiles Dacusville Elementary School 1985
    Steven V. Witcher Southwood Middle School 1985
    Julia Davis Alley Leaphart Elementary School 1984
    Susan Malone Gault Bruns Avenue Elementary School 1984
    Ellen Knight Holman Richard W. Arrington Elementary School 1984
    Cheryl Lane Kingstree Jr. High School 1984
    Mary Lou Goodman-Harwell Lakeview Primary School 1983
    Eleanor Hightower Saluda Elementary School 1983
    Patricia Huggins Westminster Elementary School 1983
    Karen West Liberty High School 1983
    Dorothy (Dot) Brown Hardin Lakeview Middle School 1981
    Rolann Lee Westminster Elementary School 1980
    Dewana Nealy Lewisville Middle School 1980
    Julia Robbins Pesavento Ebenezer Elementary School 1979
    Karen Banks Fork Shoals Elementary School 1978
    Elaine A. Horton Ambler Elementary School 1976
    Wende Powell Southwest Honea Path High School 1976
    Carolyn Ross Seneca High School 1976
    Virginia Willis Gignilliat Park Elementary School 1976
    Ruthie Brackett Oakway High School 1975
    Patricia Huggins Wagener Salley High School 1973
    Andrew P. Inabinet Seneca High School 1972
    Tom Collins Pickens Jr. High School 1970
    Ann Floyd Royall Elementary School
    Wayne Fowler Wren Elementary School
    Jana Langhals Wade Hampton High School
    Jimmie McGraw New Prospect Elementary School
    Colleen Murphy Oakbrook Middle School
    Lori Johnson Patton Hunter Street Elementary School
    Betty Scott Ross Glenwood Elementary School
    Sharon Shirley Travelers Rest Elementary school
    Lois Stokes Crestview Elementary School
  • District Teachers of the Year

    Teacher School/District Year
    Jennifer Bertram Anderson One School District 2014
    Allison Hahn Cabarrus County, NC 2014
    Francine Jeanette Hass Buroughs Pickens School District 2013
    Jennifer Lea (Yawn) Roberts Dorchester School District 2 2012
    Becky Chmelar Oconee School District 2011
    Karen Courtney Ambrose Greenville School District 2010
    Kimberly Johnson Hoy Anderson School District 4 2008
    Melissa Sides Fowler Spartanburg School District 5 2007
    Natalie Odum Osceola County, FL 2006
    Samuel Bennett Polk County, FL 2005
    Walter (Pat) Earle Chesterfield School District 2005
    Sarah Ann Richardson Turpin Pickens School District 2005
    Lynn Campbell Grice Abbeville School District 2004
    Kelly Kennedy Dorchester School District 2004
    Jackie Cordell White Anderson School District 1 2004
    Wendy Ashley-Bobo Anderson School District 2 2003
    Kristen Belflower Greenville School District 2003
    Amy Goodwin Spartanburg School District 6 2003
    Rick Griffin Spartanburg School District 7 2003
    Debbie Miller Vicksburg-Warren School District 2003
    Vicki Percic Berkeley School District 2003
    David Lee Walton Greenwood School District 50 2003
    Myra Massey Elvington Dillon School District 3 2002
    Celeste Bowers Harris Darlington School District 2002
    Caroline Martin Hott Powhatan County, VA 2002
    Kim Shuey Anderson School District 1 2002
    Lynn Wilson Oconee School District 2002
    Tonya Atkins Spartanburg School District 2001
    Greg Fox Greenville School District 2001
    Beth Radford Anderson School District 4 2001
    Sheila Todd Gandy Darlington School District 1999
    Tammy C. Vaughn Anderson School District 3 1999
    Brenda H. Garner Anderson School District 5 1998
    Linda Fleming Ott Lexington School District 4 1998
    Gail Hurlburt Anderson School District 3 1997
    Susan Kelley Oconee School District 1997
    Karen Trammell Oconee School District 1997
    Becca Driggeres Sumter School District 2 1996
    Marllyn Duncan Anderson School District 3 1996
    Carrie Ratliff Anderson School District 4 1996
    Michel Stone Dorchester School District 2 1996
    Walter (Pat) Earle Chesterfield School District 1995
    Myriam Seoane Fulton County, GA 1995
    Carolyn Harris Oconee School District 1994
    Elizabeth Young Spartanburg School District 5 1994
    Debbie Miller Vicksburg-Warren School District 1992
    Fran H. DiBiase Kershaw School District 1991
    Julie McLaughlin Fairfield School District 1991
    Betty Watts Nash School District 1991
    Kelly Kennedy Dorchester School District 2 1990
    Harriet Smith Anderson School District 1 1990
    Becky Johnson Oconee School District 1989
    Carolyn Ross Oconee School District 1989
    Arthur Brisacher Charleston School District 1983
    Mary Goodman-Harwell Greenwood School District 50 1983
    Elaine A. Horton Pickens School District 1976
    Carolyn Ross Oconee School District 1976
    Helen Efland Pickens School District 1972
  • State Teachers of the Year

    Teacher School/District Year
    Sarah Ann Richardson Turpin South Carolina History Teacher of the Year 2013
    Karen Courtney Ambrose Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History 2012
    Kelly Nalley South Carolina Teacher of the Year 2010
    Samuel Bennett Florida Teacher of the Year, finalist for National Elementary Teacher of the Year 2006
    Leslie Skinner South Carolina Secondary Social Studies Teacher of the Year 2002
    Debbie Cox South Carolina Social Studies Teacher of the Year 1997
    Fran Shoolbred Bouknight South Carolina Outstanding Biology Teacher of Year 1994
    Robert Lake South Carolina Industrial Technology Teacher of the Year 1989
    Carolyn Ross South Carolina Teacher of the Year 1989
    Gill Huggins South Carolina Industrial Arts Education Teacher of the Year 1984
    Elizabeth Cox South Carolina Teacher of the Year 1976