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Clemson Nursing Clinical Learning and Research Center

Clinical Learning and Research Center

The Clemson School of Nursing Clinical Learning Research Center (CLRC) is an innovative, educational and research based center housed at both the Clemson and the Greenville sites of instruction. The CLRC has a Clinical Learning Laboratory (CLL) instructional space on the second floor in Edwards Hall on Clemson’s main campus and on the third floor in the Clemson University Nursing building located in Greenville. The CLRC also has a Learning Resource Center (LRC) in Edwards Hall.

Kimberly Hill, Associate Director of Simulation, CLRC I would like to welcome you to the Clemson University School of Nursing Clinical Learning Research Center (CLRC).  The CLRC comprises the Learning Research Center, Clinical Learning Laboratory, and Simulation Suites.  We have a tremendous simulation lab team ready to help facilitate your learning.  This team of faculty and staff, many of whom are Certified Healthcare Simulation Educators (CHSE) are passionate about providing students a welcoming and safe learning environment.  The Simulation lab utilizes the latest technology such as electronic health documentation systems with scanning, medication dispensing systems, high fidelity patient simulators, standardized patient (SP’s) actors, realistic wearable simulator technology, IV pumps with guardrails, advanced task trainers, and interactive models.  The CLRC is designed to help students think critically, communicate effectively, collaborate, and develop nursing skills through deliberate practice and evidence-based simulations.  These realistic experiences in a healthcare environment prepare you for clinical practice and builds your self-confidence.  We are committed to preparing our students to be caring, confident, exemplary nursing professionals ready to practice and promote wellness within the communities they serve.  I hope you enjoy your time in the lab!


Kimberly Hill, Associate Director of Simulation, CLRC

Faculty & Staff

Kimberly Hill, RN, BSN
Associate Director of Simulation
203A Edwards Hall (Clemson), 363 CU Nursing Building (Greenville)
Mylene Boudreau, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, CHSE
Simulation Lab Manager
Shannon McKee, RN, BSN
Simulation Lab Manager
359 Clemson Nursing building (Greenville)
Department of Nursing
Department of Nursing | 414 Edwards Hall