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Centers, Alliances and Affiliated Institutes

Centers & Alliances

Center for Advanced Engineering Fibers and Films (CAEFF) (0910)

Dr. Amod A. Ogale, Director
203 Earle Hall
(Voice) 864-656-5483;
(Fax) 864-656-0784

National Brick Research Center (0908)

Dr. John Sanders, Director
The Bishop Center, Clemson Research Park
(Voice) 864-656-0604;
(Fax) 864-656-1095

Center of Excellence in Mathematics & Science Education (CEMSE) (0981)

Dr. Calvin Williams
Mathematical Sciences, O323 Martin Hall
(Voice) 864-656-5241; CALVINW@CLEMSON.EDU
(Fax) 864-656-7018

Nuclear Environmental Engineering Sciences and Radioactive Waste Management (NEESRWM)

Timothy DeVol, Director
167 Rich Lab/Research Park
(Voice) 864-656-1014;
(Fax) 864-656-0672

CU Electrical Power Research Association (CUEPRA) (0930)

Elham B. Makram, Director
303 Riggs Hall
(Voice) 864-656-3378;
(Fax) 864-656-1347

Construction Industry Cooperative Alliance (CICA) (0912)

Dr. Ronald Andrus, Director
114 Lowry Hall
(Voice) 864-656-0488;

Laboratory for Emerging Materials

Dr. Ya-Ping Sun, Director
469 Hunter
(Voice) 864-656-5026;

Center for Optical Materials Science and Engineering Technologies (COMSET) (0923)

Dr. Steve Foulger, Director
AMRL, 91 Technology Dr., Clemson Res. Park
(Voice) 656-1045;
(Fax) 656-1099

Center for Advanced Materials for Thermoelectric Energy Conversion (CAMTEC)

Dr. Terry Tritt, Director
103 Kinard Lab
(Voice) 864-656-5319;

Center for Workforce Developement

Dr. Anand Gramopadhye
109 Riggs Hall
(Voice) 656-7089;
(Fax) 656-0795

South Carolina’s Coalition for Mathematics and Science (0977)

Dr. Tom Peters, Director
100 Technology Drive, Research Park, Pendleton, SC 29670
(Voice) 656-1863;
(Fax) 656-1864

Institute for Modeling and Simulation Applications (5721)

Dr. Amy Apon
201 McAdams hall
(Voice) 656-5769;

Campbell Graduate Engineering Center (CGEC) (0926)

Dr. Zoran Filipi, Executive Director
Campbell Graduate Engineering Center @ CU-ICAR
4 Research Dr., Greenville, SC 29607
(Voice) 864-283-7212;

Institute for Global Road Safety and Security (0931)

Dr. Kim E. Alexander, Executive Director
D141 Poole AG Center
(Voice) 864-656-0664; KALXNDR@CLEMSON.EDU

SC Bioengineering Center of Regeneration and Formation of Tissues (SCBioCRAFT)

Dr. Naren Vyavahare, Director
401-1 Rhodes Research Center
(Voice) 864-656-5558;

Institute for Innovation in Building Materials

Dr. Denis Brosnan, Director
100 Clemson Research Blvd., Anderson, SC 29625
(Voice) 864-656-1095;
(Fax) 864-656-1095

Institute of Sustainability Education

Dr. Leidy Klotz
208 Lowry Hall
(Voice) 656-3326;

Statistics and Mathematics Consulting Center

Dr. Ben Sharp, Director
O-113 Martin Hall
(Voice) 656-3433;

Real-Time Power and Intelligent Systems (RTPIS) Laboratory

G. Kumar Venayagamoorthy, Director and Duke Energy Distinguished Professor
303 Riggs Hall
(Voice) 864-656-5936;
(Fax) 864-656-1411

Affiliated Institutes

Bioengineering Alliance of South Carolina (0906)

Dr. Richard Swaja, Director
BSB 612, Medical Univ. of South Carolina, 171 Ashley Ave., Charleston, SC 29425
(Voice) 843-792-0430;
(Fax) 864-656-4466

Clemson Institute for Biomedical Science and Engineering (5724)

Dr. Martine LaBerge
401 Rhodes
(Voice) 656-5557; LABERGE @CLEMSON.EDU
(Fax) 864-656-4466

Clemson Environmental Institute (5722)

Dr. Tanju Karanfil
Rich Lab, Clemson Research Park
(Voice) 653-9562;

Conservation Center

Dr. Stephanie Crette, Director
1250 Supply Street, Building 225, North Charleston, SC 29405
(Voice) 843-730-5093; Scrette@CLEMSON.EDU
(Fax) 843-744-1489

SC Institute for Energy Studies (SCIES) (5711, 5712)

Dr. Robert Leitner, Director
200 Dillard Building, 400 Klugh Ave., Clemson, SC 29634
(Voice) 864-656-2267; RLEITNE@CLEMSON.EDU
(Fax) 864-656-0142

Clemson Institute for Supply Chain Optimization and Logistics (CISCOL)

Dr. William G. Ferrell, Jr.
200 Freeman Hall
(Voice) 864-656-2724; FWILLIA@CLEMSON.EDU

Clemson Apparel Research (CAR) (5710)

Dr. Christine W. Cole, Director
500 Lebanon Road, Pendleton, SC 29670
(Voice) 864-646-8454;

Electron Microscope Facility

Dr. Lax Saraf, Director
EM Lab, 91 Technology Dr., Research

Institute of Biological Interfaces of Engineering (0119)

Dr. Karen J. L. Burg, Director
501 Rhodes
(Voice) 656-6462; KBURG@CLEMSON.EDU;
(Fax) 656-4466

Centers of Economic Excellence

CU-International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR)

Fred Cartwright, Executive Director
CU-ICAR, 10 Falcon Crest Dr., Greenville, SC 29603
(Voice) (864) 283-7100;

BMW Endowed Chair in Systems Integration

Dr. Paul Venhovens
Campbell Graduate Engineering Center
(Voice) 864-228-7679;

Automotive Manufacturing

Search underway
Campbell Graduate Engineering Center
(Voice) 864-283-7219

Timken Trustee Chair for Design and Development in the CU-ICAR

Dr. Zoran Filipi
Campbell Graduate Engineering Center
(Voice) 864-283-7222;

Michelin Chair of Vehicular Electronics

Dr. Todd Hubing
Campbell Graduate Engineering Center
(Voice) 864-283-7218;

J. E. Sirrine Textile Endowed Chair in Advanced Fiber-Based Materials

Dr. Marek Urban
(Voice) 656-1155;

Optical Materials/Photonics

Dr. John Ballato, Director
AMRL, 91 Technology Dr., Clemson Res. Park
(Voice) 656-1035;

Comporium and Palmetto Net Chair of Optoelectronics

Dr. Eric Johnson
215 Riggs Hall
(Voice) 656-5763;

Fluor Corporation Endowed Chair in Supply Chain and Logistics

Dr. Scott Mason
124 Freeman Hall
(Voice) 656-5645;

Cyber Institute

Dr. Darren Dawson
105 Riggs Hall
(Voice) 656-5650;

Advanced Tissue Biofabrication

Dr. Larry Dooley
300 Brackett Hall
(Voice) 656-7701;

Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Martine LaBerge
401 Rhodes Hall
(Voice) 656-5557; LABERGE@CLEMSON.EDU

Associated Centers of Economic Excellence

Clemson University Restoration Institute

Dr. Nikolaos C. Rigas, Executive Director
1250 Supply Street
North Charleston, SC 29405
(Voice) 843-730-5060;

Tissue Systems Charaterization Center of Economic Excellence

Dr. Karen Burg
501 Rhodes Hall
(Voice) 864-656-6462;