Hydrogeology Field Camp Methods
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Field Camp:
May 23-June 27, 2006

Syllabus (PDF format)

GPS and P&C
Transit and Stadia

Well  Installation

Saturated Zone
Slug tests
Pumping tests
Water Sampling and Quality

Vadose Zone
Soil Profiles & Properties
Moisture content

Saturated Permeability
Air Permeability

Surface Water
Gauging and seepage meters

Surface Resistivity

Hydrogeologic Settings


Estimated Costs


Past Schedules

Slug tests and pumping tests are performed on wells at the Geology Museum Well Field to get the basics.  Tests are later performed at the Simpson Agricultural Station, the GE Plant in Greenville, and the University of Tennessee Well Field in Knoxville.  Vadose zone air pumping tests are also performed at student research sites at the Simpson Agricultural Station. (Data Sheet -- PDF format)

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Making a slug. [2000].

Lekan instantaneously
initiates a slug out test.[2000]


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