Madison Williams

Madison Williams

Graphic Communications
Boston, Massachusetts

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Madison Williams dreamed of bringing life to stories that need to be told — turning her passion for photography and videography into an ambitious career.

When relationships with faculty and staff opened doors of incredible opportunity, she discovered collaboration is just as important as artistry and technical skills.

Madison's Path

Choosing a Major

I wanted to explore the creative side of film production and digital media, but I also wanted to learn the corporate side so that I can finance and organize future projects. Graphic communications offered that perfect mix of art and business.

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Real-World Lessons

Taking classes with Dr. Erica Walker introduced me to web development and entrepreneurship. She often partnered with industry experts who brought their view of current trends into the classroom. I loved that everything we did as an assignment felt like something I would do on my own time, just for fun!

Madison Williams

Campus Internships

My degree program requires two internships, which I completed through University Relations and Clemson Athletics. It was inspiring to work alongside professionals on campus who are so talented, yet committed to sharing their knowledge. Those experiences pushed me to excel as a visual storyteller and confirmed my goals were on the right track.

Making a Documentary

In 2016, I traveled to Phoenix to photograph the college football playoffs, where I met a unique Clemson fan named Bryson Carter. His story of going blind and still attending 136 consecutive football games struck a chord with me, and I knew it deserved to be shared.

Madison Williams

An Unexpected Invitation

I entered my documentary about Bryson — called “136” — into Campus Movie Fest at Clemson. It was a jury award winner and advanced to the national competition. When an email popped into my inbox announcing “136” was selected to screen at the Cannes Film Festival, I thought it was a hoax…at first.

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