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College of Education

Centers and Programs

Arts and Creativity Lab

Alison Leonard Director 864-656-5117


Roy Jones Director 864-656-7915
Winston Holton Field Coordinator 864-656-6333
Mark Joseph Program Coordinator 864-656-1443
Tanya Miller Program Coordinator 864-656-4646

Center of Excellence for Digital Media and Learning

Ryan Visser Director 864-656-5093

Center of Excellence for Innovation in Mathematics and Science / Inquiry in Motion 

Sandy Linder Director 864-656-5102

Child Learning and Development Lab

Faiza Jamil Director 864-656-5126


Joe Ryan Executive Director 864-656-1531

Clemson University Teacher Learning Progression

Stephanie M. Madison Project Manager 864-656-5108
Jeff Marshall Director 864-656-2059

Education Media Center 

Tara Weekes Education Media Center & Digital Media Learning Lab Library Manager 864-656-3741
Erin Record Education Media Center & Digital Media Learning Lab Library Specialist 864-656-3741

Reading Recovery®and Early Literacy Training Center for South Carolina

Celeste C. Bates Director 864-656-2046
Maryann McBride Teacher Leader 864-656-6149

Upstate Writing Project

Rebecca A. Kaminski Director 864-250-6723
College of Education "Best In Class"
College of Education "Best In Class" | 101 Gantt Circle