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Women's Leadership

About Women's Leadership

What can you do with a degree in Women's Leadership?

Women's Leadership is an interdisciplinary program within the College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities at Clemson University.

Our innovative curriculum combines rigorous academic study with real-world experience to prepare students to lead amidst the complexities of the 21st century. Whether students want to address social challenges, climb the corporate ladder or do both at once, our major allows them to craft a course of study to realize their goals.

Introductory courses help students develop a clear understanding of the challenges women have faced, and continue to face, at home and in the developing world. Advanced studies allow students to develop expertise in areas related to their career goals, whether they wish to pursue law, public service, the arts, business or a career in academia. Throughout, a core of leadership courses give students a fundamental understanding of leadership theory and the opportunity to apply knowledge in diverse organizational settings. The course of study for majors is capped by a senior seminar that involves a hands-on project and allows students to bring together everything they have learned during their time at Clemson.

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Diane Perpich, Ph.D 

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Administrative Coordinator

Office: 256 Sirrine Hall
Phone: (864)656-1532

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