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Promoting Collaboration


Pursuing Purposeful Action Through Vigorous Research


The College of Business and Behavioral Science is distinctive among colleges nationwide in that it includes faculty researchers from the behavioral sciences, social sciences and business perspectives within one unit. For CBBS researchers, the focus may be on an individual or small group such as a team or family, an organization such as a business or a volunteer group, or a regional, national or international economy or society. Whatever the focus — local or international, for-profit or not-for-profit — there is one thing in common: CBBS individuals, groups and organizations pursue purposeful action through vigorous research experiences.

Sponsored Research

Sponsored research includes research, scholarly activity, creative activity, instruction, or public service for which public, federal, university, or private funding is sought to carry out the project. If a CBBS faculty member, staff, or student is serving on a sponsored project, the project must be coordinated through the CBBS Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) Support Center, even if the CBBS person will not be the principal investigator.  This coordination is required in order to ensure compliance with federal, university, and private-sponsor regulations, terms and conditions.

Other Research

Other research includes journal publications, books/monographs, or book chapters/proceeding for which no funding is pursued.  This type of research is not required to be coordinated by the CBBS OSP Support Center since no financial regulation is required.

For assistance in preparing a proposal for submission to a funding organization or for managing the finances of your new or existing grants and contracts, contact the CBBS OSP Support Center.

researchCBBS Fiscal Year Research Reports

CBBS Fiscal Year Funded Research Reports

Clemson University Fiscal Year Funded Research Reports

Additional reports may be available. Please contact the CBBS OSP Support Center to request additional information.

Photos: (Top) Dr. June Pilcher, Alumni Distinguished Professor of Psychology, demonstrates the FitDesk to a Creative Inquiry student Emily Howard. (Right) Dr. Pilcher and Human Factors Psychology Graduate student Drew Morris pose in front of his CBBS 1st place poster at the 2014 Clemson Graduate Research and Discovery Symposium (GRADs).