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Faculty and Staff Profile

Pravin Nath

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Office: 324D Wilbur O. and Ann Powers Hall

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Marketing
University of Texas at Austin 2006

M.M.S. Marketing
University of Mumbai 1997

B.E. Mechanical
University of Mumbai 1994

 Courses Taught

Principles of Marketing
Global Marketing


Pravin Nath has both industry-level and academic experience in Marketing. He brings insights from his research, and from national and international engagements with other scholars and practitioners, to the classroom, to make his classes engaging and valuable for students. Dr. Nath has mentored doctoral students and also serves on the editorial board of leading journals in the discipline.

 Research Interests

Pravin Nath does empirical research in Marketing Strategy and Organization. In particular, he studies issues related to Marketing’s Human Capital in the Upper Echelons of Firms (e.g., Chief Marketing Officers in Top Management Teams), Brand Management, Global Marketing and Retailing, and Metrics. He also has published work or ongoing projects in the areas of Sales, Compensation, Emerging Firms and Markets, Sustainability, and Communications.

 Research Publications

Nath, Pravin, Ahmet H. Kirca, and Saejoon Kim (2021), “A Study of the Internationalization–Performance Relationship in Global Retailing: The Moderating Role of Brand Standardization and Cultural Diversity,” Journal of International Marketing, 29 (1), 57-76.

Nath, Pravin (2020), “Taking measure: the link between metrics and marketing’s exploitative and explorative capabilities” European Journal of Marketing, 54 (7), 1549-1580.

Nath, Pravin and Neeraj Bharadwaj (2020), “Chief Marketing Officer Presence and Firm Performance: Assessing Conditions Under Which the Presence of Other C-Level Functional Executives Matters” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 48 (4), 670-694.

Seriki, Olalekin, Pravin Nath, Charles A. Ingene, and Kenneth R. Evans (2020), “How Complexity Impacts Salesperson Counterproductive Behavior: The Mediating Role of Moral Disengagement,” Journal of Business Research, , 107 (January), 324-335.

Nath, Pravin, Ahmet H. Kirca, Saejoon Kim, and Trina L. Andras (2019), “The Effects of Retail Banner Standardization on the Performance of Global Retailers,” Journal of Retailing, 95 (3), 30-46.

Brower, Jacob and Pravin Nath (2018), “Antecedents of Market Orientation: Marketing CEOs, CMOs, and Top Management Team Marketing Experience,” Marketing Letters, 29 (December), 405-419.

Nath, Pravin and Vijay Mahajan (2017), “Shedding Light on the CMO Revolving Door: A Study of the Antecedents of Chief Marketing Officer Turnover,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 45 (January), 93-118.

Nath, Pravin and Monique Bell (2016), “When the Twain Should Meet: A Study of the Structural Integration of the Marketing and PR Functions in the C-Suite,” Journal of Marketing Communications, 22 (6), 626-652.

Nath, Pravin and Vijay Mahajan (2011), “Marketing in the C-Suite: A Study of Chief Marketing Officer Power in Firms’ Top Management Teams,” Journal of Marketing, 75 (January), 60-77.

Nath, Pravin and Vijay Mahajan (2008), “Chief Marketing Officers: A Study of Their Presence in Firms’ Top Management Teams,” Journal of Marketing, 72 (January), 65-81.

Non-Refereed Publications
Nath, Pravin (2014), “What Makes a CMO Powerful”, at: