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Clemson University Campus
Accessibility Commission


About the Accessibility Commission

Background History

  • It was originally established as a Task Force in 2010 
  • It was created by President Barker as a way for CU to self-evaluate and analyze access of both the physical and digital environment to ensure we were meeting our obligations under the ADA 
  • Our first project was a 5 year -  $2 million plan to improve physical access to campus: including Exterior Accessible Route improvements, parking and sidewalk renovations, ADA door openers, curb cuts, & ADA signage, etc. 
  • In November 2016, Lee Gill (CU’s Chief Diversity Officer) commissioned the taskforce to become the President’s Accessibility Commission, adding representation to the President’s Council for Diversity and Inclusion.  We advise and make recommendations to the Council regarding all areas impacting accessibility.

What Does The Accessibility Commission Do?

The Accessibility Commission promotes accessibility, equivalent opportunity, and quality of life for persons with disabilities by advising and making recommendations to Clemson University’s Council for Diversity and Inclusion (CUCDI) regarding all developments that could impact accessibility and the University’s commitment in these areas.

For specific information regarding programs, services, and other resources visit the Accessibility Web Portal.

To learn more about accessibility at CU, visit the Accessibility Highlights page.