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Department of Graphic Communications

Guidelines and Advice

Goals of the internship program:

  • To ensure every GC major graduates with full-time work experience in the industry.
  • To prepare students to shine in the field so that employers continue to engage with Clemson.

Learning objectives:

  • How to obtain a job in this industry
  • Exposure to the many opportunities you may not have considered before
  • How companies really work
  • How your GC education applies in the field
  • Working with people of all backgrounds
  • Gaining technical expertise

Things to consider early on:

  • Be open to interning where the best opportunity presents itself. Gaining experience in different segments of the industry and in different geographic locations will provide the most growth, both personally and professionally.
  • There is less competition for a first internship during a regular semester.
  • Internships may be secured outside of Clemson through family and associates but must be approved to receive credit (see requirements page).
  • Take note of employer contact information to follow up during the interview process and after the completion of your internship.
  • Some internship employers will help you arrange for a living situation, so if you need housing, start by asking them. If you have an on-campus housing contract but you will not be in Clemson, contact the Housing Office.
  • Stay on track for graduation. Talk to your advisor early on and throughout the process.
  • Contact Financial Aid to let them know when you are doing your required internships.

Intern Employer Day:

  • Intern Employer Day occurs twice per year in the spring and fall at Clemson University.
  • Typically 50+ companies and over 100 industry representatives.
  • Bring multiple copies of your updated Intern Information Form or a printed resume with you to hand to employers.
  • Dress professionally and conservatively.
  • Consider the greeting on your voicemail and anything you have posted online as you would before a normal interview.

The LIFE Scholarship:

  • The required fall or spring internship will not cause you to lose your LIFE Scholarship.
  • While you will not be taking enough credit hours to use the scholarship during the semester of the internship, you can either use that money for the summer of that academic year to take 12 credit hours, or you may choose to postpone the semester's funds to the semester following the normal eight-credit-hour semester.
  • Note that the LIFE Scholarship may be used in any two semesters of an academic year.
  • The academic year is "Fall, Spring, Summer," in that order.
  • Specific questions should be directed to Financial Aid.

Internship advice:

  • Be on time for work and engaged.
  • Work hard and be self-motivated.
  • Never post anything online you wouldn't want the presidents of the company or Clemson University to read (before, during and after your internship).
  • Avoid social media during work hours unless it is a function of the job.
  • Keep a weekly journal for grading (see Canvas for details once registered).
  • A simple 'thank you' note at the end of your internship speaks volumes.
Department of Graphic Communications
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