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Department of Graphic Communications

Internship Requirements

Becoming an internship candidate

The semester prior to your internship, submit an up-to-date copy of your Intern Information Sheet to the GC internship coordinator, Bobby Congdon. This will start the process to have your name submitted to the database of intern candidates. You will receive an email of acceptance in return.

Accepting an offer

  • Once you have decided on a relevant internship, email the company name, job description, time period and location to Bobby Congdon for approval (unless obtained from Intern Employer Day).
  • Once approved, accept your internship offer with the company then submit this Internship Acceptance Form.
  • If you received any other offers, immediately advise the other companies that you have accepted a separate offer.

Enrolling in courses

  • Enroll in one of the following course sets:
    • GC 3500 & Co-op 2010 (first required internship after GC 1020 but before any 4000-level class)
    • GC 4500 & Co-op 2020 (second required internship after GC 4060 or GC 4400 but before your last semester preceding graduation)
    • GC 4550 & Co-op 2030 (optional third internship not in place of GC 4500)
  • If you pre-registered for other courses for the term you are interning, be sure to DROP all other classes you no longer need to take. You may still take an online course if you desire.
  • You will be billed for one credit hour per internship along with a $30 co-op fee. You must pay your fees when you enroll or you will be automatically dropped from the course. Bills are not sent out immediately for the Summer session, so be sure to fulfill the course fees when you enroll.
  • Near the beginning of your work period, you will find information on all required coursework (primarily, the journal and final abstract) accessible on Canvas. Check due dates and announcements frequently.
  • To receive a co-op certificate with your diploma after completing two internships, visit the Co-op Office located in Suite 316 of the Hendrix Student Center (846-656-3150) and fill out a Co-op Information Sheet. For GC majors in Co-op 2010, 2020 or 2030 all co-op written requirements are fulfilled through the Graphic Communications department.

Starting work

  • Complete the company's normal HR process, which may require a drug screening, physical exam, etc.
  • Start work no later than the first day of classes for that semester or the first Summer session. Work through the last day of classes for that semester or the end of the second Summer session.
  • Alternate schedules can be arranged in advance and agreed upon by both your employer and Bobby Congdon, GC internship coordinator. Intern employment must meet a minimum of 15 full-time weeks for a regular semester or 12 full-time weeks for the summer.
  • Notify Bobby Congdon IMMEDIATELY of any change in your employment status.
  • Documented performance problems, irregular attendance and/or punctuality mandates a lower course grade. Interns terminated prior to completion of the required number of weeks shall receive an "F." No exceptions.
Department of Graphic Communications
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