Electron Microscopes and Material Characterization Instrumentation

Clemson University Electron Microscopy Facility has some of the most-advanced electron microscopes, fostering innovation in the university’s leadership in nanotechnology, toxicology, geochemistry, biological and materials research. These electron microscopes enhance the university’s ability to conduct research and advanced sample preparation for industry partners and academia. The ability to offer private companies the chance to examine and analyze materials for research and development on such sophisticated equipment also allow the university to forge working relationships with a wide array of industrial sectors.

Product Details

Ion beam - Ga ions
Energy - 40 kV & 60-100 n
Resolution - 5 nm @  40 kV

E beam - Schotkey diode
Energy – 30 kV variable current
Resolution – 1 nm @ 30 kV


Provides ultra-high-resolution FE SEM
Exceptional ion milling stability and high performance
Automated mill-and-monitor operations for 3D reconstructions
Slicing steps less than 10 nm
Dual optics mode with magnetic-field-free live imaging during FIB milling
Analytical Capabilities: EDS, EBSD



TEM Sample Prep
Sample manipulation
Surface treatment
3D Microscopy
Ion imaging
Ion-induced SE imaging