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Electron Microscopy Facility


Quantachrome Autosorb iQ Gas Sorption Analyzer


Clemson recently acquired a gas sorption analyzer that provides new capabilities for characterizing porous materials. The instrument is a Quantachrome Autosorb iQ, pictured right. It is capable of making a wide variety of gas physisorption and chemisorption measurements on solid samples, that may be complementary to microscopic measurements of sample structure on sub-micrometer scales. 


  • If this is your first time running samples for BET measurements, we recommend to run one sample to gauge overall time and conditions needed to complete analysis. Users must approve data and analysis conditions before the rest of the sample set can be analyzed.
  • Users must provide at least 100mg powder samples for BET measurements. This should ensure samples have enough surface area for analysis. IF YOUR SAMPLE IS EXTREMELY MICROPOROUS: please let us know as we will need to recycle sample weight to limit analysis time and sample analysis cost.
  • If the degas temperature is below 100 degrees, the degas time must be at least 12 hours. Data must be approved by PI/users before the full sample set is run. If your sample does not degas enough then the data is not useable. If you would like to be confident in the degas process your sample should be degassed: then run: the degassed : then run. If both runs agree then the data is good. Please let us know if you would like to apply this approach.
  • For BET measurements using krypton gas involving very low surface area, samples will only be run with the 11 point process and only surface area can be measured. For more detailed experimentation and additional costs, please consult with the facility.

Rates for Use of Equipment

There are five separate experiments that users may perform on samples. Rates are the same for each experiments, and are charges on a per-sample basis as listed below. These rates have been approved by the Clemson University Office of Vice President of Research.

  • Internal CU Users: $50.00 per sample
  • External Public University Users (including federal government): $60.00 per sample
  • External Industry Users: $150.00 per sample
Electron Microscopy Facility
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