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Electron Microscopy Facility

For Clemson University Users

Internal Charge Rates

Description of Service Unit of Billing Rate
All electron microscopes with Staff assistance Per hour $106.50
All electron microscopes without staff assistance (except NB5000 & TM3000) Per hour $71.50
TM3000 SEM without staff assistance Per hour $65.00
TM3000 SEM with staff assistance Per hour $100.00
FIB Lift-out Per hour $71.50
Facility staff time Per sample $35.00
SEM & EBSD Per hour/4hr. cap $71.50
Usage of heating stage Per hour $82.50
Sample cutting and polishing Per sample $60.00
Gas Porosimeter (BET) Per sample/day $50.00
XPS – AES (Staff assistance) Per hour $106.50
XPS – AES (No staff assistance) Per hour $71.50
TOF SIMS (Staff assistance) Per hour $106.50
Electron Microscopy Facility
Electron Microscopy Facility | AMRL Building 81 Technology Drive Anderson, SC 29625