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Master of City and Regional Planning

Research and Public Service


Research and public service are ongoing activities in the Department and the College of Architecture, Arts & Humanities. Recent areas of research include sustainability analysis, energy assessment, water resource planning, land use studies, retail market analysis, housing and community development strategies, downtown market studies, geographic information systems, infrastructure and transportation planning, solid waste, environmental problems and health planning. Students often join these projects as research assistants.

Public service projects are carried out on a regular basis in several classes. The Professional Studio class provides all second-year students with the opportunity to work on one or more local planning projects for clients. Students carry out these projects in the same manner as a planning office. This experience, along with the internship and work-study opportunities, provides Clemson graduates with significant real world work experience, which prepares them for the job market.

Graduate Program in City and Regional Planning
Graduate Program in City and Regional Planning | 3-109 Lee Hall, Box 340511 Clemson University Clemson, SC 29634-0511