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Master of City and Regional Planning

Graduate Assistantships and PSAs

Graduate Assistantships (GA)

  • Faculty Managers are assigned during the beginning of the Fall semester.
    • Effective first day of Fall semester class
  • Work an average of (10) hours per week = (150) hours per semester during Fall and Spring of Academic year.
    • Enter your work hours each week via GA Time Capture (Instructions) (Student employees do NOT exceed maximum hours per week).
  • Enrolled in a minimum of nine (9) credit hours each semester of approved course work.
  • Failure to complete assignments or GPA academic deficiency, may result in withdrawal of GA during Academic year.
  • Evaluation of employment performance will be completed by the Program Director.
  • Health Insurance supplemented by Clemson Graduate Student Government.
  • Final paycheck on May 15.
  • Tuition reduction does not apply during Summer session.
  • Reference Graduate School Student Employment Policies and Procedures.
  • Abide by all Clemson University policies and procedures as specified.
  • Fulfill all assigned responsibilities.

Summer Internships

  • Students will be paid directly from their employment agency, if you have a paid internship.
  • Tuition for residents and non-residents per credit hour; reference Graduate Tuition for Summer credit hour then Tier 2 for MCRP.

Public Service Assistantships (PSA) for Year 2 Students

  • Employment agencies will interview students prior to making decision.
    • Conducted during the first week of class in August.
  • MCRP recommends students based on their academic performance during Year 1 to employment agencies.
  • (1) PSA is offered to Year 1 student with a Graduate Assistantship after interviews in August.
  • Work 15 hrs per week for 15 weeks for a total of 225 hours per semester = 450 total hours per Academic Year.
    • Enter your work hours each week via GA Time Capture (Instructions) (student employees do NOT exceed maximum hours per week).
  • Students are paid by Clemson University and not paid by employer.
  • Tuition reduction can not be determined until after employers make selections.
    • Students will pay the first installment of their tuition in order to register for classes. If student is awarded a PSA, then a refund will be processed.
  • Failure to meet employment responsibilities will result in student obligations for tuition and stipend.
  • Evaluations (to be completed at end of internship):
    • PSA Employer Evaluation of Student (employer has the option to send form to Program Director for confidentiality or return to student to turn in to the Admin Coordinator).
    • Student Evaluation of PSA (complete and turn in to Admin Coordinator via email or Lee 3-113).

NOTE: Financial Aid is not Automatic.

Graduate Program in City and Regional Planning
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