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Accessibility Guides

Below you will find a number of accessibility guides that can help you make your digital content, physical objects, and/or live event more accessible. These guides do not ensure that your products will be fully accessible, but they will help you correct the most common barriers. If you have questions that are not answered by the guides and cannot find a relevant guide below, refer to the appropriate design guidelines on the Accessibility Laws, Policies, and Standards page.

Disability Inclusive Language

When referring to disabilities and individuals with disabilities, it is important to use respectful language. See our guide on how to use more inclusive language.

Inclusive Language Guide
A person in a wheelchair giving a presentation

Digital Accessibility Guides

A D A National Network logo


If you are new to digital accessibility, the ADA National Network hosts a helpful video series by Office of Civil Rights on Digital Accessibility (Link opens in new tab).

Do It Yourself Accessibility Testing Guide


If you have a website, document, or tool that you want to assess the accessibility of? See our do-it-yourself guide for assessing accessibility of digital content.

Lit Canvas Accessibility Guide

Canvas (lite)

Interested in improving your Canvas course's accessibility but do not feel confident in your technology skills? See our beginners' guide to Canvas Accessibility.

Canvas Accessibility Guide


Feeling comfortable with technology and interested in improving your Canvas course's accessibility? See our more in-depth guide to Canvas Accessibility.

UDL in Canvas

UDL in Canvas

Interested in incorporating Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in your course structure? See this guide for Universal Design for Learning.

Acrobat PDF Accessibility Guide

PDF (Adobe Acrobat)

Wondering how to make your PDF documents as accessible as possible? See our guide for Adobe Acrobat PDF accessibility.

Video and Audio File Accessibility


Want to make your video and audio content accessible? Learn how in this guide to Video and Audio Accessibility.

Social Media Guidelines

Social Media

Digital Accessibility Guides By Vendors

More Digital Accessibility Resources

Accessible Authoring Tool

David Berman has an Accessibility Ribbon you can add to Microsoft Word to have your accessibility tools and settings in one place. 

Preview of Accessibility Word Ribbon

Download Word Accessibility Ribbon

Physical Accessibility Guides

The guides in this section will help you develop more accessible print documents and live events. Additional physical accessibility guides may be included in this section at a later time. If the design guidelines do not meet your needs and your topic would be of use to most of the university, please reach out the Accessibility Commission to request that a guide be made for that topic.

Print Document Accessibility Guide

Print Documents

Wondering how to make your print documents as accessible as possible? See our guide for print document accessibility.

Event Accessibility Checklist

Event Accessibility Checklist

Are you hosting an event? Improve its accessibility by following our Event Accessibility Checklist.

Learn More

Be sure to check out the Portal's Events and Learning Opportunities page to for how-to webinars, courses, accessibility-focused conferences, and similar resources for further learning.