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Programs and Communities

Clemson Programs and Communities

Accessibility Commission

The Accessibility Commission is a group of campus representatives, including faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students from different areas across campus that makes accessibility-related recommendations to Clemson University's Division of Community, Engagement, Belonging and Access and the University. Each member is passionate about assisting students, employees, and visitors with diverse abilities to gain the tools and environments needed to succeed. Meetings with the combined group occur four times a year, with most of the work being completed by subcommittees working in specialized areas.

Accessibility Commission

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Spectrum Program

The Spectrum Program is committed to helping students build connections through their college experience that will assist them in achieving academic, social, and career and professional development success. The Spectrum Program provides individualized services beyond standard accommodations for students diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Spectrum Program

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ClemsonLIFE prepares young men and women with intellectual disabilities for competitive employment and independent living through a combination of academic coursework and career exploration. This 2-year Basic Program incorporates functional academics, independent living, employment, social/leisure skills, and health/wellness skills in a public university setting. Additionally, the ClemsonLIFE Program offers a 2-year Advanced Program for students that have demonstrated the ability to safely live independently, sustain employment, and socially integrate during the Basic Program. The Advanced Program progresses with an emphasis on workplace experience, community integration, and independent living with transitionally reduced supports. Students who successfully complete the Basic or Advanced program will receive a corresponding certificate of Postsecondary education..


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Delta Alpha Pi

Delta Alpha Pi, standing for disability, achievement and pride, is an honor society that recognizes top-ranking students with disabilities. Members display pride in their academic accomplishments while striving to change the negative perception that students with disabilities cannot achieve academically. To this end, members strive for public recognition, leadership, and visible participation opportunities in educational activities.

Delta Alpha Pi

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Adaptive Sports & Recreation Lab

The Adaptive Sports and Recreation Lab opens the realm of competitive sports to more people. This program is relatively new and still growing. Most recently, this program started Clemson's Wheelchair Tennis Team and hosts the Southeastern Regional Wheelchair Games every May. They also organize the intramural wheelchair basketball program through Campus Recreation. For more information on how you can get involved, contact Jasmine Townsend,

Adaptive Sports and Recreation Lab

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Other Programs and Communities

There are many accessibility-focused organizations, programs, and communities available. The list below includes several of the better known ones as well as some that are South Carolina specific.

These organizations, programs, and communities are not officially endorsed or sponsored by Clemson University.