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Ellen Mundy Rennebaum

Ellen Mundy Rennebaum

Development Associate, Estates & Companies



Ellen is the Asset Manager for Estates and Companies. Working with the Management team she is attuned to the day to day operations on the on-site apartment environment. Her extensive knowledge of the AMSI and Property Solutions software programs promotes an active involvement with all on-site staff. Instrumental in successfully increasing rents and decreasing expenses at the property level, she focuses on analyzing market conditions in all of the Estates current apartment markets and the markets targeted for expansion – with specific emphasis given to occupancy, rental rates, and economic conditions. As a member of the Development group, Ellen is essential in our evaluations of new markets and analyzing the budgets to expand and develop new communities. She consistently monitors national financial reports to determine the impact on the Estate’s markets and financing of all management properties and projects.

Master of Real Estate Development
Master of Real Estate Development | 1 North Main Street Greenville, SC 29601