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Advanced Writing

ENGL 3040: Business Writing

ENGL 3120: Advanced Composition

ENGL 3140: Technical Writing

ENGL 3150: Scientific Writing


An Advanced Writing course is a requirement for many majors, including Business, Engineering, Nursing, and others. Advanced Writing courses are designed to introduce students to the importance of learning to write succinctly and clearly in genres suitable to professional and technical disciplinary work. The general learning objectives for all advanced writing courses include the following items.


Upon completing an advanced writing course, students will achieve the following learning objectives:

  1. Master critical digital literacy skills and rhetorical concepts as they apply to professional environments and the ethical considerations within them,
  2. Apply effective communication strategies to targeted readers, and
  3. Compose effectively in a variety of forms and media appropriate to the discipline.


Advanced writing courses will provide students with the following skills:
  • Guidance to help students write formal compositions, i.e., critical essays, lab reports, grant proposals, business proposals, and research papers;
  • Practice with informal formats; i.e., freewriting, blogs, field notes, and letters;
  • Skills necessary to revise, i.e., peer review, rewrite, reverse engineering, etc.

For more information regarding the guidelines for advanced writing course requirements, “please download the Guidelines for Advanced Writing Courses.”

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