Power Sprayers and Dusters

b-1 Power equipment for applying insecticides saves time and labor and provides more efficient ways to combat pests than hand-operated equipment. This old model sprayer, which was used to control elm leaf beetles on the Capitol grounds, was a great improvement over previous applicators. A wide selection of power applicators is available for different conditions and uses.
Power equipment is of 5 types--high-pressure sprayers, low-pressure sprayers, mist blowers, dusters, and fog applicators. The power source is usually a gasoline engine, ranging from one horsepower in small machines to 75 horsepower or more in the larger machines. The above power sprayer has 12 stationery nozzles. b-2
b-3 The tractor not only hauls spray equipment but also furnishes power to operate the machine. A standard power take-off attachment extends from the rear of the tractor through a power shaft and is connected with the drive shaft of the sprayer. Note that the sprayer can apply insecticides to 5 crop rows simultaneously.
This Buffalo turbine sprayer is applying DDT to a 75-foot shade tree near the United States Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. Air blasts from the machine blow finely divided sprays into and throughout the trees. b-4

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