d-1 The grasshopper catching machine was a familiar sight on hopper-infested lands from about 1900 to 1938. Farmers built and designed many types of catchers, commonly called "hopper dozers." The grasshoppers were caught and often dried and used as winter chicken feed.
The use of poison-bran baits was a common way of controlling grasshoppers from 1890 to 1950. In this picture, taken around 1900, Montana ranchers are mixing bran, crude arsenic, molasses, lemon juice, and water in canvas wagon covers. d-2
d-3 Poison-bran baits were applied to infested fields in various ways. Some farmers carried "bran buckets" and spread the bait by hand. Others broadcast the bait from horsedrawn wagons. Farmers hired aircraft pilots to dump baits on infested fields from airplanes. This plane is being loaded with bait at the Custer Airport, Yellowstone County, Montana.
Grasshoppers can be controlled by applying insecticides with ground or air equipment. This mist blower mounted on a truck is applying an aldrin spray at the rate of 3 ounces per acre. d-4

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