EPA Endangered Species Protection Program

  1. Endangered Species Protection Program. EPA. Topics include:
    • Access Endangered Species Protection Program (ESPP) Bulletins to view pesticide use limitations for your county (none in South Carolina to date [8/21/07]);
    • Bulletins Live! tutorial; Risk Assessment Process;
    • Effects Determinations; Species Information.

    The EPA's ESPP is based on pesticide labels and Endangered Species Protection Bulletins, unlike the previous voluntary program, which relied on cooperative efforts of states, tribes, and pesticide users. When appropriate, pesticide labels will refer the pesticide user to EPA's Bulletins Live! application on the ESPP Web site for geographically specific Endangered Species Protection Bulletins. The Bulletins will contain enforceable use limitations for a pesticide when necessary to protect listed threatened or endangered species or their critical habitat under the Endangered Species Act. Bulletins become enforceable when referenced on a pesticide product label in the marketplace.

  2. Endangered Species Act
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