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2009 Pest Management Handbook for Field Crops – Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service. Agronomic Crops Production Team Publication 09-01.

Farm-Stored Grain Pest Management

Pesticide Data Program (PDP) - USDA Agricultural Marketing Service site. PDP collects data on pesticide residues in food. PDP is now a critical component of the Food Quality Protection Act of 1996 implementation.

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How Expensive are Fruits and Vegetables?
This is a section of this report:
How Much Do Americans Pay for Fruits and Vegetables?
- (July 2004) HTML or PDF

PDP - Download Data / Reports - This page provides condensed copies of PDP Databases and complete copies of published PDP Annual Summary reports containing PDP sampling & residue testing data for the calendar year surveys 1992 - 1998.

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Food Quality Protection Act (FQPA)

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