Pesticide Information Program (PIP) Information Sheets

  1. PIP-2 The South Carolina Recertification Program - all private, commercial and noncommercial pesticide applicators certified in South Carolina must meet a recertification requirement every five years in order to maintain their applicator's licenses.
  2. PIP-16 Handle Pesticides Safely - general precautions when handling pesticides.
  3. PIP-20 How to Use Homeowner Pesticides Safely - discusses pesticide selection, if needed; prior planning; safe application; and proper storage, disposal and cleanup.
  4. PIP-30 Properly Rinse Pesticide Containers - properly rinsing pesticide containers saves money, protects people and the environment, and is a requirement under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA).
  5. PIP-36 How to Choose a Lawn Care Company - when choosing a lawn care company, follow these guidelines to help you make an informed choice.
  6. PIP-37 Store Pesticides Safely - provides safe pesticide storage guidelines that can be applied to most storage situations, regardless of size.
  7. PIP-38 Calibration of Pesticide Application Equipment Using the 1/128th Method - an easy method for preparing and calibrating your sprayer for a specific application at the beginning of a season or during the season when you change your type of spraying.
  8. PIP-40 Calibrating Liquid Hand Pump and Backpack Sprayers - Methods for calibrating manual sprayers and tips for making your manual sprayer applications more uniform.
  9. PIP-41 Pesticides and Storms, What to Do About Your Pesticides Before a Storm - provides guidance on securing and generally preparing yourself and your stored pesticides in the event of a severe storm.
  10. PIP-42 Pesticide Recordkeeping Requirements for Private Applicators - In South Carolina, all private pesticide applicators are required to maintain records or display information on their pesticide applications under three different regulations.
  11. PIP-43 Pesticide Recordkeeping Requirements for Commercial & Non-commercial Applicators - In South Carolina, commercial and non-commercial pesticide applicators may be required to maintain records on their pesticide applications under more than one regulation.
  12. PIP-44 Pesticide Application Information Disclosure Requirements - In South Carolina, all pesticide applicators are required to maintain records or display information on their pesticide applications, and often, under more than one regulation.
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