Container Management & Recycling

  1. Pesticide Container Recycling - Clemson University Department of Pesticide Regulation Special Programs. Click on Pesticide Container Recycling.
  2. USAg Recycling, Inc. - Specializing in recycling crop protection product containers, this company services South Carolina.
  3. Agricultural Container Recycling Council (ACRC) - The ACRC is a nonprofit organization, whose purpose is to develop and support the collection of properly rinsed crop protection containers. They are also committed to finding and conducting research to develop acceptable end uses for the collected containers.
  4. ACRC Proper Rinse Instructions for Pressure Rinsing
  5. ACRC Proper Rinse Instructions for Triple Rinsing
  6. ACRC Inspection Checklist - for Recycling Plastic Crop Protection Product Containers - A Photo Guide and Inspection Checklist is also available as a PDF.
  7. Pesticide Container Disposal for Homeowners - Clemson Extension Home and Garden Information Center information sheet
  8. Crop Protection Stewardship - Container Management - from CropLife International.
  9. Disposal Instructions on Residential/Household Use Pesticide Product Label - EPA PR Notice on new labeling for residential/household use pesticide products. PDF format.