Mixing & Loading Pesticides Safely

Additional Safe Pesticide Handling web sites and publications:

  1. Handling and Storing Pesticides - An environmental self-assessment from the South Carolina Farm-A-Syst Program. Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service Water Quality Letter 17 (WQL 17). February 1996. 15pp (PDF).
  2. "Storm-Damaged Agrichemical Facilities" - this fact sheet from the University of Florida IFAS provides guidelines useful for persons or organizations needing to secure pesticides and other agricultural chemicals that have been subjected to severe storm conditions.
  3. Rodent Control Safety Checklist (PDF) - from an article by Paul J. Bello in Palmetto Pestalk, January 2002.
  4. Plant Production/Plant Protection (formerly Pesticide Management) - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)