Managing Pesticide Spills

Spill Management web sites and publications:

  1. CHEMTREC - The emergency spill response phone number (800-424-9300) on many pesticide labels is for CHEMTREC. It is provided as a public service and is available toll free. CHEMTREC provides emergency responders with 24-hour access to information about chemicals and hazardous materials. Emergency medical assistance is also available for acute exposures to chemicals and hazardous materials. There is no charge for this service and emergency responders do not need to be registered with CHEMTREC to access this information.
  2. SC DHEC Emergency Response Section - Emergency Contact 1-888-481-0125 (Toll Free).
  3. EPA Emergency Information: Human Exposure
  4. EPA Emergency Information: Spills
  5. EPA Emergency Information: Incident Reporting
  6. Pesticides and Spill Management - by Fred Whitford and Andrew Martin, Purdue Pesticide Programs, Chris Berry, Extension Educator, Agriculture and Natural Resources, John French, DowElanco, and Donald Horning, Countrymark Cooperative.