Pesticide Labels, MSDSheets and Chemical Fact Sheets

All pesticide labels accessed or posted on this web page are for reference purposes only. These labels may not be copied or otherwise used for any legal distribution or use of a pesticide. Pesticide dealers, distributors, consultants and users are legally bound to adhere to pesticide labels that are attached or affixed to pesticide containers by the pesticide producer. Any relabeling of pesticide containers must be performed by the pesticide producer or registrant, or by their designated representatives. Use of trade names in this publication/document is solely for identification. No endorsement of the products named is implied by the Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service nor is any discrimination intended to the exclusion of similar products not named.

Multiple company/multiple product web sites - (CDMS, Greenbook, Bluebook)

Pesticide chemical fact sheets

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) web sites

Pesticide names and terms

Pesticide labels and labeling

Pesticide databases

Department of Pesticide Regulation Lists of Pesticides Registered in South Carolina

EPA websites

  • Globally Harmonized System (GHS) for Classification and Labeling of Chemicals
  • EPA Pesticide Registration Program - Good summary of the registration process and types of registrations for pesticides.
  • Food and Feed Commodity Vocabulary (EPA) - The Food and Feed Commodity Vocabulary was developed to consolidate all the major Office of Pesticide Program Commodity Vocabularies into one standardized vocabulary. There are about 12,000 lookup or search terms in this database. Each lookup term is assigned an EPA preferred term, an EPA (40 CFR 180.41) crop group name/number, and a monograph number where further information about a specific commodity can be found. About 1500 preferred commodity terms were developed. The preferred term will be the only term accepted in establishing pesticide tolerances. The Food and Feed Commodity Vocabulary contains only human consumable commodities and livestock feeds.