Pesticide Names and Terms

  • Compendium of Pesticide Common Names - This site contains the common names, IUPAC and Chemical Abstracts systematic names, molecular formulae, Registry Numbers and activity for well over 1000 pesticide active ingredients. This Compendium is believed to be the only place where all of the ISO-approved names are listed, and it also includes approved names from national bodies for substances that do not have ISO names. UK (England) site. 
  • Biopesticides - This site is on the IR-4 (Minor Crop Pesticide Registration program) Home Page. When you get to the IR-4 Home Page, click on Biopesticides (green bar at the bottom of the list at the left), then click on Listings. This is a slowly developing list of biopesticides registered on various crops. 
  • Insecticides - Introduction to Insecticides by George W. Ware. House at Radcliffe's IPM World Textbook.
  • Terms of Environment - US EPA. "Terms Of Environment" defines in non-technical language the more commonly used environmental terms appearing in EPA publications, news releases, and other Agency documents available to the general public, students, the media, and Agency employees. The definitions do not constitute the Agency's official use of terms and phrases for regulatory purposes.