Pesticide Labels and Labeling

By their nature, many pesticides may pose some risk to humans, animals, or the environment because they are designed to kill or otherwise adversely affect living organisms. At the same time, pesticides are often useful because of their ability to control disease-causing organisms, insects, weeds, or other pests. The pesticide label is your guide to using pesticides safely and effectively. It contains pertinent information that you should read and understand before you use a pesticide product.
  1. MSDS Search. What it says!
  2. Ten Common Pesticide Infractions - common infractions of pesticide laws as found by inspectors in one EPA region.
  3. Ohio Farmer Use of the Pesticide Label - Article in: Journal of Extension (JOE), February 1998, Volume 36, Number 1.
  4. Read the Label First - US EPA - an interactive pesticide label with pop-up text explaining the basic statements found on a pesticide product label.
  5. Reading the Pesticide Label for Homeowners - a Clemson University Home Garden Information Center publication HGIC 2750.