Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Links Only

All pesticide labels accessed or posted on this web page are for reference purposes only. These labels may not be copied or otherwised used for any legal distribution or use of a pesticide. Pesticide dealers, distributors, consultants and users are legally bound to adhere to pesticide labels that are attached or affixed to pesticide containers by the pesticide producer. Any relabeling of pesticide containers must be performed by the pesticide producer or registrant, or by their designated representatives. Use of trade names in this publication/document is solely for identification. No endorsement of the products named is implied by the Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service nor is any discrimination intended to the exclusion of similar products not named.

  1. The Use and Misuse of Material Safety Data Sheets - An article by Allan Felsot in: The Agrichemical and Environmental News, Issue No. 140, October 1997. The A&EN is a monthly report on pesticides and related environmental issues from Washington State University. Allan Felsot is the environmental toxicologist at the Washington State University Food and Environmental Quality Laboratory.
  2. MSDSs on the internet - This comprehensive site tells you what an MSDS is, gives examples, lists (links to) over 60 internet resources, and provides other useful information on MSDSs. All links are annotated so you know where to go for what. MSDS links are for all chemicals (industrial, medical, ag, etc.); links are categorized.
  3. MSDS - Searchable; offers an online database, software and services for managing and distributing Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs).
  4. Material Safety Data Sheet sites - This is a site at Kansas State University with links to web sites with MSDSs.
  5. Vermont Safety Information Resources, Inc. (SIRI) Home Page - MSDS access and Safety information site.