Benefits of Keeping Records

The records you keep on pesticide use are not only required by the law, they will also help you improve your farming operation.

  • Records help you evaluate how well a chemical worked, particularly if you have used reduced rates or alternative application techniques.
  • Records help you figure out how much pesticide you will need in a future year, so that you will not have to store or dispose of extra chemicals.
  • Records help to prevent carry-over injury and improve rotation decisions.
  • Records may protect you from legal action if you are accused of improper pesticide use.
  • Food processors may require pesticide records to evaluate the potential for residues.
  • Lenders and land developers often require records to evaluate potential environmental liability before lending money or buying land.
  • Records provide data to respond to surveys conducted by Federal agencies and universities that can impact future availability of some pesticides through re-registration. They may also be used to respond to the public's concern regarding pesticide use.
  • Records can save money by helping a farmer determine the best pesticide management program. Records are the key to a successful integrated pest management program.