Disposal of Unused Pesticides

Going, Going, Gone Pesticides - links to information on selected cancelled and likely-to-be-cancelled pesticides.

Clean Sweep 2001 - (PDF) Status of the collections of unused, unwanted and unloved pesticides in the US. EPA report by Nancy Fitz and Jude Andreasen, Office of Pesticide Programs, EPA. The report includes information that EPA received as of October 23, 2001, and includes pesticide collection totals through 2000.

South Carolina Stored Pesticide Waste Surveys - Summaries of data collected from licensed private pesticide applicators in South Carolina. Surveys were conducted by P.M. Horton, R. Poling and R.G. Bellinger in 1992 with funding provided by SC DHEC. Survey instruments included.

Safety-Kleen Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day - See what was done at this volunteer HHW collection held in conjunction with Charleston County Earth Day celebrations. April 2000

South Carolina State Universal Waste Resources

Selected Unused Pesticides web sites and publications

  1. EPA Universal Waste Regulations - Agricultural pesticides that are recalled under certain conditions and unused pesticides that are collected and managed as part of a waste pesticide collection program. Pesticides may be unwanted for a number of reasons, such as being banned, obsolete, damaged or no longer needed due to changes in cropping patterns or other factors. Waste-Specific Guidelines and Definition of Pesticides.
  2. EPA Pesticide Registration (PR) Notice 2007-1: Disposal Instructions on Non-Antimicrobial Residential or Household Use Pesticide Product Labels - (85 KB, PDF). 
  3. National Pesticide Stewardship Alliance
  4. CropLife International Obsolete Stocks Programme Country Reports, Update May 2006 - These summaries supplement CropLife International’s policy statement ‘Obsolete Stocks of Crop Protection Products’.
  5. Prevention and Disposal of Obsolete Pesticides - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Pesticide Management Unit.