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Clemson University Cooperative Extension shares research-based knowledge with the citizens of South Carolina through an extensive catalogue of topical publications, fact sheets and research publications in subject areas including entomology, gardening, forestry, water and wildlife. These publications are written by extension agents and professors and are designed for industry professionals, lay enthusiasts and homeowners, and scholars.


AC06 The Extent of Irrigation in Five States of the Southeast during 1997-2012

Spread and Extent of Irrigation in SC by Crop Group (PDF)

2015 Pest Management Handbook (Agronomic Crops/Pest Management)

Subsurface Drip Irrigation

Calculating the Value of Lime (PDF)

Precision Agriculture

Small Gain Publications: 
2015-2016 Wheat Cheat Sheet; Insect fact sheets on: Aphids/Barley Yellow Dwarf; Armyworm; Cereal leaf Beetle; European Corn Borer; Grasshopper; Hessian fly


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Enterprise Budgets: Agronomic Crops, Forages, Livestock, Melons/Vegetables