Policy Index

Welcome to the Board of Trustees Policy Index. This index contains Clemson University policies which have been approved by the Board of Trustees. If you are aware of a policy that has been omitted, please contact our office at 864-656-5615.

Several entities within Clemson University approve policies that have an affect on the whole University or on certain constituencies. If you are looking for a policy and don't find it in our index, you might try the following links to the various other policy-making entities:

Faculty Senate
Graduate Student Government
Office of the Chief Financial Officer
Office of Human Resources
Staff Senate
Undergraduate Student Government
University Policies

If you know the name of the policy you are looking for, select the highlighted link in the alphabetical listing below.

Aircraft: Use of Clemson University Provided Aircraft
Alumni Association

Alumni Association and Foundation Presidents
Architect and Engineer Selection
Board Self-Evaulation
Board of Trustees Business Expense
Capital Projects Approval
Clemson Medallion
Easements and Right-of-Ways
Emergency Delegation of Authority
Enterprise Compliance & Ethics Program Charter
Expense Policy
Honorary Degrees
Internal Audit Division
Leasing Policy and Procedure
Naming of Facilities and Erecting Plaques, Monuments, Major Markers, and Artwork
NCAA Investigations
Public Funded Event Expenditures
Public Use of University Lands
Sale or Exchange of University Land
Shared Governance
Standards of Ethical Conduct 
Student Code of Conduct
Student Organization Alcohol
Transactional Authority
Trustee Emeritus
Trustee Removal
University Brand Policy Statement
Woodland Cemetery