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Board of Trustees

Operating Manual of the Board of Trustees at Clemson University

Welcome to the Operating Manual of the Board of Trustees at Clemson University. We hope you will find this to be a useful tool to learn about Clemson University and its Board of Trustees.

If you would like to browse through the manual, the links provided here give access to the various chapters and appendices.

Chapter I – Purpose of the Manual

Chapter II – History

Chapter III – Mission, Vision and Goals
A. Mission
B. Vision
C. Values
D. Strategic Priorities

Chapter IV – Role of the Board of Trustees
A. Basic Concepts
B. Means of Control
C. Policy Control

Chapter V – Organization and Operating Rules of the Board of Trustees
A. Statutory Authority and Composition of the Board
B. Officers of the Board
C. Board Meetings
D. Standing Committees

Chapter VI – Delegations of Authority
A. General Delegations of Authority
B. General Delegations of Authority to the President
C. Authority Retained by the Board

Chapter VII – Internal Auditing Division

Chapter VIII – Conflict of Interest Policy

Chapter IX – Selection, Duties and Evaluation of the President
A. Selection of the President
B. Duties of the President
C. Evaluation of the President

Appendix A – University Governance

Appendix B – Last Will and Codicil of Thomas Green Clemson

Appendix C – General Assembly Act of Acceptance

Appendix D – Trustee Selection Process

Appendix E – Trustee Code of Conduct and Responsibilities

Appendix F – Desirable Criteria for Trustees

Appendix G – Standing Committees
A. Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee
B. Compensation Committee
C. Educational Policy Committee
D. Executive & Audit Committee
E. Finance & Facilities Committee
F. Institutional Advancement Committee
G. Research and Economic Development Committee
H. Student Affairs Committee

Appendix H – Organizational Chart

Appendix I – Agency Head Performance Evaluation