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Board of Trustees

About the Clemson University Board of Trustees

The Board’s Inception

When Clemson University was founded through Thomas Green Clemson’s will, a specific governance system was outlined in conjunction with directives for the academic and economic impact the University would have on the state of South Carolina. Mr. Clemson determined that the University’s leadership board should include seven trustees with the ability to independently select their successors and six trustees appointed by the state legislature. His goal for this governing system was to create long-term stability at the institution and public accountability for the people of South Carolina.

The Board’s Role

The Clemson University Board of Trustees governs the University by establishing policies that ensure academic quality and freedom, protect the University’s financial security, and promote efficient and effective administration through the Board’s selected president and his or her executive officers.

The Board’s Impact

For over 100 years, Clemson University’s Board of Trustees has ensured that the University serves as a high seminary of learning to develop South Carolina’s industries and ensure economic growth. The Board has shown unwavering commitment to the University’s core values and land-grant mission, instilling a sense of integrity, respect and self-reliance in Clemson students that spans generations. Their strong vision for Clemson’s future impact will advance not only our state’s research capabilities but also the University’s ability to create significant change in the world through empowered alumni.