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Board of Trustees

Clemson University Board of Trustees Values

Clemson University was established to fulfill Thomas Green Clemson’s vision of a “high seminary of learning” to develop South Carolina’s material resources and create economic opportunities for its citizens. Today, Clemson is a nationally recognized land-grant research university providing students with the academic foundation they need to build meaningful careers and become leaders in their fields. Clemson is a student-centered institution whose mission is to educate students in a manner consistent with these values and to drive economic development in South Carolina. The Board of Trustees honors the intent of Mr. Clemson’s will and shares the following values:



Be honest, trustworthy, responsible and ethical.


Value the rights of others, their individual differences, beliefs and ideas. Actively listen and communicate. Seek to understand the challenges they face and be tolerant and forgiving.


Attract and retain students, faculty and staff with diverse backgrounds who come together as one inclusive Clemson Family.


Honor our military heritage and our commitment to duty, service, leadership, tradition and civic responsibility.


Exceed expectations and continuously improve. Be creative and take appropriate risks. Learn from failure. Best is the standard.


Work hard, exercise self-discipline, be results-oriented and dare to do the right thing, even when it is difficult or unpopular.