Staff Awards

The Board of Trustees seeks to recognize the staff’s commitment and dedication to Clemson University by acknowledging the high levels of service achieved by University personnel.

There are two ways for staff to be considered for this award:
1. By receiving a national or international level award
2. Through extraordinary contributions relating to one of the categories for acknowledgement

Criteria for Eligibility

  • The nominee must be in a full-time position with standard hours of at least 30 hours per week for at least three years at Clemson as of the nomination deadline date.
  • Self-nominations will only be accepted from national or international award recipients.
  • To be considered for the Board of Trustees Award for Excellence, the national or international award must be related to an employee’s job duties at Clemson.
  • All national and international awards will be vetted by the committee.
  • National or international awards that require monetary donations from the recipient will not be considered.
  • National or international awards that require an entry fee will not be considered.
  • Award recipients from February 2018 will not be eligible. 

Categories for Special Recognition Nominations

  • The Will to Lead – This category recognizes a candidate who demonstrated outstanding leadership skills in completing projects of importance to his or her division, department, or the University as a whole.
  • High Seminary – This category recognizes a candidate who is a visionary, one who sees a problem and solves it by improving the effectiveness of a service or program resulting in new or improved innovations, efficiencies, or cost-savings.
  • Something in These Hills – This category recognizes a candidate who served the Clemson community in a remarkable way.
  • Clemson Family – This category recognizes a candidate who provides exceptional service, creates a positive customer experience, and continuously exceeds expectations.
  • Heart of the Tiger – This category recognizes a candidate who demonstrates outstanding judgment or courage in an emergency or who displays heroic actions to prevent or minimize physical injury or the loss of life or property.
  • Tiger Teammate – This category recognizes a candidate who has made an outstanding contribution toward enhancing the quality or morale of the workplace or toward enhancing the public image of a department or division, Clemson University, or state government.
  • Student Choice – This category recognizes a candidate who enhanced the quality of a student’s experience in a meaningful way. This award requires a student nominator.
  • Spirit of Clemson – This category recognizes a candidate who exemplifies the spirit of Thomas and Anna Clemson and all those who have devoted themselves to making Clemson what it is today. This award category is reserved for exceptional circumstances and for accomplishments and achievements of the highest caliber.


  • October 2 – Nomination period opens.
  • November 2 – Nomination period closes.
  • November – December – Nominations are reviewed and vetted by committee.
  • January 2019 – Winners notified.
  • February 2019 – Awards dinner held in conjunction with the Winter Quarterly meeting of the Board of Trustees.

Selection Process

  • Winners will be selected on an annual basis by a committee appointed by the Board of Trustees.
  • The identity of nominees shall be anonymous throughout the review and selection process.
  • An electronic nomination form must be submitted during the nomination period.
  • Additional backup materials or letters of support will not be accepted.

Nominations will be solicited again 2019.