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Connect and Collaborate with the SMLC

As an interdisciplinary initiative, the SMLC invites collaboration across the university and with external clients. More information about working with the Center can be found by clicking on the links to the left.

  • Opportunities for Students

    The SMLC provides unique avenues for student engagement in the form of internships, collaborative research projects, classroom study, and Creative Inquiry.

    Students that intern with the SMLC are fully engaged with the Center. Interns become proficient with Radian6 software and develop highly marketable skills in data collection and analysis. Students that work in the SMLC are also able to participate in a variety of contexts that suit specific interests including but not limited to: news coverage, event planning/management, social media strategy, data analysis, etc. If you are interested in interning with the SMLC, contact Will Henderson.

    The SMLC provides faculty, staff, and students ample opportunities to listen, measure, and engage in social media conversations across the Internet. Access to the SMLC for research purposes is readily available. If you are interested in conducting research out of the SMLC, please contact us.

    Creative Inquiry
    Every semester, at least one Creative Inquiry group is designed to work out of the SMLC. Frequently these CI classes are formed in partnership with external clients to provide real world, tangible experiences to students.

  • Opportunities for Faculty

    Many faculty members utilize Radian6 and the SMLC in their research. As an interdisciplinary center, the SMLC invites faculty and staff from across campus to learn more about social analytics, and how to integrate data into various research projects and classroom settings.

    Faculty and staff at Clemson are able to obtain profiles and log-in credentials for research purposes. For more information and to submit a request for access, click here.

    Use Radian6 profiles are regularly made available for classroom use. Instructors may obtain profiles for single use, or per student/group, depending on class size and usage requirements. Instructors that are interested in using the SMLC in their classes are invited to submit a request for access.

  • Social Media Listening Center Training

    SMLC faculty, staff, and interns are readily available to provide training opportunities to anyone interested in utilizing the center. We offer individual consultations as well as group training sessions. To request training, please contact Will Henderson.

  • Collaborate: Partner with the SMLC

    If your business or organization is interested in learning more about how you can get involved with social media monitoring and analysis, the SMLC provides opportunities for varying levels of partnership.

    Features of Partnership

    • Consultation Services
      • Detailed assessment by SMLC faculty and staff
      • Varying levels of affordable monitoring services

      Social Media Analysis

      • In-depth reports tailored to examine specific contexts
      • Sentiment analysis to measure the emotional temperature of a conversation
      • Trend analysis to assess the development of conversations
      • Influencer identification to highlight key users spreading information about specific topics/brands

      Strategic Campaign Development

      • Deliverables including content calendars to full social media audits
      • Dedicated profiles tailored to achieve specific social media initiatives

      How to Partner
      If you are interested in creating a partnership with the SMLC, please submit this form and we will be in contact with you very shortly.