Day 107 | April 17, 2014

Image from Clemson University Special Collections. Clemson Extension Circular #233: “Seed Treatments for South Carolina”, March, 1943.

Are you experiencing seed sabotage?

The Clemson University Plant Problem Clinic is a multidisciplinary program which provides diagnoses and management recommendations for plant problems, which include diseases, nematodes, weeds, and insect pests of plants. They also identify insects infesting structures, humans, pets and livestock. The Clinic receives most of its samples from the county Extension offices, and works closely with Clemson University Specialists to provide management recommendations. As a part of Clemson University Regulatory Services, they also help to detect and document new plant diseases and pests in South Carolina.

Contact your local Extension Agent for additional resources and information for growing healthy plants in your yard and garden! List of county offices >


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