Day 11 | January 11, 2014

Man standing between a car and a horse and buggy

Technological advances

The 20th century was a time of major scientific progress, technological advancement, and social change. Between 1920 and 1945, the number of tractors on South Carolina Farms increased from 1,304 to 12,447, or almost 10 times. As a result, the number of horses and mules decreased from 297,000 in 1920 to 191,000 in 1945, a 35.9% decrease. The same time period saw rural electrification increase nearly 11 times from 4,763 to 52,101 farms. By 1945 the percentage of South Carolinians living on farms had decreased from 63.7% to 35.8%.

Clemson Extension was a go-to resource for new and improved production methods, building plans, food preservation, improved sanitation practices, machinery care and repair, and so much more.

Today, Clemson Extension continues to provide a wide variety of relevant, research-based information in agriculture, natural resources, food safety and nutrition, economic and community development, and 4-H youth development. Agents are located in all 46 counties and at the University's five Research and Education Centers.


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