Day 111 | April 21, 2014


“Zones of a Vegetated Freshwater Shoreline” from Shorescaping Freshwater Shorlines, Home & Garden Information Center publication #H2O-015, April 2013.

Understanding Shorescaping

South Carolina is blessed to have an abundance of water resources in the form of rivers, lakes, ponds and estuaries, and many residents own properties that adjoin these beautiful watercourses. This presents the waterfront owner with a unique opportunity to discover a largely unexplored form of gardening - SHORESCAPING. A shorescape is a landscaped shoreline that uses attractive plants to protect and beautify the waterfront.

A well-designed shorescape uses native plants to provide a functional solution to problems such as shoreline erosion, poor water quality, invasive weeds, and wildlife management. Also, like a flower bed in the yard, a shorescape that uses a mixture of flowering plants can serve as a waterfront garden that improves the appearance of the shoreline and adds value to the property. Luckily, there are many very attractive plants that are easy to grow, native to South Carolina, and suitable for use in a most shorescapes.

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