Day 114 | April 24, 2014


“South Carolina farm homes and other farm buildings are being improved for comfort, convenience and general appearance.” Extension Annual Report 1950: Agricultural Progress in South Carolina: More Income - Better Farm Living. Image from Clemson University Special Collections.

Lawn and Garden Month

“During the year 1950, South Carolina farm people added new milestones to their progress in adjusting and improving farming, home making and rural life to meet fast changing economic and social conditions.” (page 2, 1950 Extension Annual Report) In addition to record-breaking crop yields and new agricultural discoveries, farm owners were making great strides in improving their homes with structural chances and lawn care improvements. 

Clemson Extension continues the traditions of providing hands-on education opportunities for South Carolinians and with this month being Lawn and Garden Month we’re excited to highlight another Extension event: Hort for Homeowners: a one-day class on home landscape essentials. 

Sessions on soils and fertilization, pest management (insects, plant diseases, and yard varmints), tree and shrub care, lawn maintenance, and pesticide safety will provide participants with some essentials for creating and maintaining a healthy and environmentally responsible home landscape.

The Clemson University calendar has more information and registration details for this Extension event: Hort for Homeowners: a one-day class on home landscape essentials


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