Day 115 | April 25, 2014

Pecan orchard to serve as classroom for farmers

Pecan orchard to serve as classroom for farmers. Mark Arena (L), Extension Agent, Principal Investigator in cooperation with Mr. Paul Minerva (R) and Ms. Adrienne Gerus, University Facilities Landscape Services

Arbor Day

While each state has its own day designated to celebrate, National Arbor Day is celebrated across the United States on the last Friday of April. This day is set aside as an opportunity to enjoy and care for the trees around us, however, it is most customary to plant a tree on Arbor Day.

Clemson Extension Horticulturist Mark Arena takes Arbor Day to new heights this year as he embarks on a plan to revive a historic pecan grove on campus and this fall plant 5 acres of new pecan trees that will serve as an outdoor classroom to farmers and home owners. Read more about the upcoming orchard classroom from this featured article on the centennial site: Pecan orchard to serve as classroom for farmers >


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